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-   ABOUT US  -

Sowing Seeds was established in 2015, to provide a community gathering place for local farmers and entrepreneurs. Our goals are to improve opportunities for all, by promoting local economic development, community building, and family-friendly activities.

 Sowing Seeds is birthing a business from the ground up, sorta like a sown seed breaking from underneath the dirt. We're striving to become a firm rooted business, with the type of values that our elders will be proud to support.  This isn't just a farmers market, it's the beginning of something much bigger. We hope to educate others on healthier lifestyles, starting with great nutritional enriched foods and water. Then the development of cheap energy saver and producing techniques. Next, creative business development. Last, but not least, provide next level motivational methods to help ensure that our future generations are pointed and encouraged on taking a path of integrity. Remember, sowing positive seeds is a good thing, cause after all, you reap what you sow.


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