This kiddie pool garden is another excellent space saver, and it's terrific for beginers! They come built to grow a host of small vegetable plants and herbs. Pool colors are a great eye catcher for young kids, so you as the parents can have an easier time sparking their interest in agriculture. 

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Raised Kiddie Pool Grow Bag Garden.. (Call to order (205)422-0529

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  • This grow system will is built to grow, but you will have to maintain and care for your plants.  This system is great for growing greens, lettuces, herbs, strawberries, etc....... 


    How to Setup:

    1.) place pallet on a solid well lit level surface and/or place pool

    2.) add water to top 1centimeter from top drain holes

    3.) add nutrient solution or plant food of your choice

    4.) add compost to bottom of grow bag

    5.) fill bag with soil

    6.) place grow bags inside pool equally spaced

    7.) plant plants or seeds into grow bags

    *Note: Do Not Fully Submerge Roots in water, allow the roots to grow to the water. This help avoids root rot, and the roots can still have air. For larger plants with longer roots, go ahead and guide roots through cup or net pot holes, but leave the top of the root mass above the water, to help avoid root rot.

    8.) gently water the plants in grow bags

    9.) add more nutrients as the plants require it, or at least once every two weeks directly into water of the kiddie pool.

    *Note: Keep water to the fill lines, also add use coffee grounds to help eliminate mosquitos, or add mosquito garden repellents.. If you keep the water clean, you may add goldfish to eat mosquito larvae.