This mini hydroponic planter and produce display in one! It'll allow you to grow fresh vegetables and/or allow you to display your freshly growing/grown produce at your local markets. It holds a total of 12 plants while taking up minimum space. It easily sits on a table or the ground, can be used inside and outdoors, and is heavy duty. This is also a great teaching tools for students and kids. It makes as a terrific prop. 

Call to order at (205)422-0529

Mini Hydroponic Planter/Display.. Call to order at (205)422-0529

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  • This system is sure to catch everyone eyes! 

    1.) Place the planter on a level solid structure and/or ground

    2.) Set pipes on racks

    3.) Add water, nutrient solution, and/or fertilzers to pipes through pipe holes

    4.) Place plants in a whole cup or net pots

    5.) Insert plants and make sure the roots barely touch the water

    *Note* Do Not Fully Submerge Roots, allow the roots to grow to the water

    Call to order at (205)422-0529