This kiddie pool garden is another excellent space saver, and it's terrific for beginers! They come built to grow a host of small vegetable plants and herbs. Pool colors are a great eye catcher for young kids, so you as the parents can have an easier time sparking their interest in agriculture. 

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Kiddie Pool Raised Bed Garden... (Fully planted) Call to order (205)422-0529

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  • This pool garden comes built to grow, but you will still need to maintain and care for your plants. 

     How to setup:

    1.) place pallet on a solid well lit level surface

    2.) place pool on top of pallet

    3.) add a thin layer of gravel to the bottom of pool for drainage

    4.) add 2 bags of soil

    5.) add red worms

    6.) add rest of top soil

    7.) plant the plants or sow the seeds

    8.) gently water 

    *Note: add mulch or fresh compost into the soil mixture to help feed the worms. The worms will help keep the plants fertilzed.

    Call to order at (205)422-0529