The fully planted kiddie pool hydroponic system is a great starter for people that are interested in diving into the world of hydroponics! The pool colors are great for catching the attention of children, which makes it even more valuable for parents and grandparents. The system will allow you to grow upwards of 19 plants in a 3ft space, and it's great for growing leafy green plants and herbs!

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Kiddie Pool Hydroponic Garden (Fully Planted) Call to order at (205)422-0529

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  • This grow system will is built to grow, but you will have to maintain and care for your plants.  This system is great for growing greens, lettuces, herbs, strawberries, etc....... 


    How to Setup:

    1.) place pallet on a solid well lit level surface and/or place pool 

    2.) add water to top 1centimeter from top drain holes

    3.) add nutrient solution or plant food of your choice

    4.) place styrofoam plant holder on top of the water

    *Note: Styrofoam should be even with top of pool to keep it from getting blown away or from floating out of the pool.

    5.) take slitted cups and/or net pots and place in plant holes

    6.) add clay pellets until they are right below the water line

    7.) add starter plants to the center of the pellets letting the roots barely touch water. 

    *Note: Do Not Fully Submerge Roots in water, allow the roots to grow to the water. This help avoids root rot, and the roots can still have air. For larger plants with longer roots, go ahead and guide roots through cup or net pot holes, but leave the top of the root mass above the water, to help avoid root rot.

    8.) fill cup on up with grow pellets while keeping the plant centered and stablized

    9.) repeat steps 5-8 until pool is finished

    10.) add more nutrients as the plants require it, or at least once every two weeks.